Magical Running: A Unique Path to Running Fulfillment


“…how running can open doors, take you down new paths, and force you to answer the hard questions about who you want to be. Special emphasis on how visualization can add a dimension of spirituality to your running.”

- Runner’s World

Running success is in the mind —Athletes tend to assume that training and talent precede performance, and that a strong mental approach is something you either have or don’t have. The truth is, the harder you train mentally, the better you perform physically and your improvements will go as far as your mind will take you. This is as true in running as it is in golf, basketball or any other sport (just ask Phil Jackson or Michael Jordan!). Indeed, the reasons for Bobby Mc Gee’s incredible coaching successes are not solely his technical expertise, but also in his mental approach to running.

We can all reach our potential with a little thought control — Most successful pros have mentors, coaches and gurus who motivate, activate and inspire them to great performances. Now Mc Gee has devised a simple, yet highly effective system, which all runners can use to significantly increase both their physical performance and the satisfaction they experience from their running. Bobby Mc Gee’s time-efficient mental training program brings the joy back into running and endurance sports!

Great performances are closer than you think —Through his book, “Magical Running: A unique path to running fulfillment”, and his inspiring talks and workshops, Mc Gee is successfully teaching hundreds of runners to gain so much more from their running than they could ever have hoped for. All runners – from those who run around the block three times a week to aspiring Olympians – WILL find something in Mc Gee’s work that will carry them for the rest of their running days, and even beyond.

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