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"I could not more highly recommend Bobby McGee's Run Transformation Course. This will be the most instructional... the most transformative run training video training course on the market. If you truly take this course, and apply it, there is no way you CANNOT transform your running."

Mark Plaatjes, 1993 World Marathon Champion


Start Transforming Your Run Today with a Comprehensive Approach to Run Training

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Become Your Own Best Running Coach with Bobby McGee's Run Transformation Course

Whether You Are an Athlete that Wants to win, or a Running Coach, 6 Time Olympic Running Coach, Bobby McGee,

Kevin Collington

"Whenever Bobby McGee Talks, I write down everything he says. Bobby has transformed me from a mediocre runner with bad form,
to one of the most powerful runners in Triathlon. His training is truly transformational. Run Transformation Course is for anyone
serious about getting to the next level as a runner"

Kevin Collington, 2013 IM 70.3 US Champion
Bobby Mcgee
Avoid Injuries By Learning
How to Run with YOUR Own Natural Form

Running is primal. It is as old as humans. The first thing we learn how to do. There is so much out there on how to run properly - which form is right? Heel strike or foot strike?

The answer is not formulaic. What works for an African distance runner or a world champion triathlete is completely different. It depends on your own body type: your own leg length, foot size, body type, and racing goals.

Leave behind the formulaic approaches and one-size-fits nobody running forms, and learn how to run YOUR natural and best running form.

Learn To Train So that You
Can Unlock Your True Potential as a Runner

Most people will read runner's world, or Triathlete Magazine, and copy the workouts they read from the pros in there. Especially the flashy high intensity run workouts. Do this and you are destined to fail.

What you don't understand is that the pro is NOT telling you about all of the long slow days they have. They are giving away NONE of their real secrets. This course will pull back the curtain and show you how the truly great athletes train.

You will learn how to develop a customized training plan that works JUST for you, nobody else.

Bobby Mcgee
Bobby Mcgee
Learn How to Race By
Unlocking the Power of Your Mind

As soon as you get to the starting line of the race, your fitness doesn't matter. Racing is 80% mental and 20% physical. Coaching in 6 Olympic games, I have seen exactly what it takes to win. Most people lose the race with their mind.

Before the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, Josia Thungwane told me cheefully he was going to win. The other two athletes told me how nervous they were. Josia ended up bringing home S. Africa's first Olympic gold medal by a Colored Athlete. I have seen this time and again at every level.

Just like your body type and your physical training profile, your mind is unique. Learn how to assess your own personality type, and harness it to become a bullet-proof racer.

So What Will You Get?

The Run Transformation Video Training Course Contains:

Complete Run Training Self-Coaching Program Including almost 10 Hours of High-Definition Videos:

BiomechanicsRunning Sports EssentialsRun TrainingMental Skills

Membership Commununity and Forum

You'll receive exclusive access to me AND a great community of quality coaches and runners and in the membership forum area.

The Course is Risk Free

Bobby offers a 30 Day-Risk Free Guarantee. If you try the Course and you don't believe it has the potential to transform your running, ask for your money back.

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"This Course contains over 31 years of Run Training Knowledge that I have distilled from living, training, and racing across the world in 5 continents, over 6 Olympic Games.

There is no magic formula or recipe for become a master runner. You must learn to create your OWN recipe for success. This course helps you do just that."



Bobby Mcgee With Grace, Gratitude, & Guts
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Run Transformation Course is the most comprehensive Run Training Course on the market. It consists of over 10 hours of training. The course is broken down into videos of 5 - 20 minutes in length. We recommend you consume one video per day.

Yes, Bobby McGee offers a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Get into the course, sample the material, and if you don't believe that after you finish the course that you will transform your run, you can ask for a refund. No questions asked.

If you are a Triathlon Coach, or want to become a Triathlon coach, CEUs are mandatory to become a certified USAT Coach.
A CEU is a "Coaching Education Unit" for USA Triathlon's Coaching Certification. In order to become a Triathlon Coach, every 2 years, a coach needs to earn 15 CEUs to get certified, or maintain their certification.
This course is worth 10 CEUs. It is the largest block of CEUs of any course in the USAT certified training courses.

The process is relatively straight forward.
You can get your CEUs right after you purchase the course, as long as you contact Bobby McGee Support Team with your proof of purchase.

Forever. After you buy the course, you will have instant online access to it, and this will be yours to keep.

The course will be hosted online in a private membership area at http://members.bobbymcgee.com. Once you pay for the course, you will receive an automatically generated password, which you can use to login to the membership area.

To ensure course access, Bobby McGee Endurance Sports is hosting the course on a dedicated online video hosting platform in its private membership area - these videos will be automatically viewable on any device when a user is logged into the members area. Course owners may download the slides for the course so they can use them to take notes while watching the video.

Bobby McGee will be available inside the private membership area and private facebook group. He will answer general and specific questions about the course material.

No. This course is not designed to be a coaching course. Bobby produced this course for high end athletes and coaches who want to understand the principles of run biomechanics, run training, and mental skills. Rather than try to coach hundreds of athletes online, Bobby has produced the course to teach athletes to become their own best coach.

Bobby's coaching services are in very high demand, and he is no longer taking private coaching clients. If you would like more access to Bobby, you can apply to join his private running mastermind group. To apply for this group, however, you must be a member of the Run Transformation course. Bobby will offer private mastermind group spots to athletes and coaches in the membership area.

This course was produced in partnership with Endurance Films. Endurance Films is the only multi-media film company in the world of multi-sport Triathlon, trusted by USAT and Race Directors across the country to product the highest quality training videos and race highlight videos.

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